Fire Containment Services

Axiom offers a full range of services to ensure that your facility is in full compliance with state and federal codes governing fire containment. Our inspectors and installers can:

  • Conduct Vulnerability Audits in all types of facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, education institutions, office buildings, apartments, data centers and any other structure where fire containment may be compromised.
  • Prepare an Existing Conditions Report (ECR) including a Fire Separation Evaluation and recommendations to remedy problem areas.
  • Install materials that meet fire rating specifications as outlined by ASTM E-814 (American Society for Testing and Materials) and UL 1479 (Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Perform detailed Firestop System Inspections to verify that occupants and property are safeguarded.

When a problem is identified in your fire containment system, regardless of the cause, you need a qualified firestop installer to restore your facility to its original fire rating as designed and built.

Axiom installs only the best firestop materials, in keeping with our dedication to high quality, professional fire containment.


When the safety of people and property are on the line, don’t trust your fire containment to just anyone. Call the experts at Axiom for complete solutions for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected.
  • Vulnerability Audits
  • Fire Separation Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Installation of Firestop Assemblies that meet the following standards:
    ASTM E-814
    Standard Test Method for Fire Test of Through- Penetration Fire Stops
    UL 1479
    Fire Tests of Through- Penetration Fire Stops
  • Firestop System Inspections