Work Place Transformation

Work Place Transformation

Workforce demographics are changing. As baby boomers are nearing retirement, organizations must appeal to younger generations (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z). By 2030, it is predicted that 75% of the workforce will be Millennials (also known as Gen Y). Millennials tend to seek work/life balance, seamless technology, and inspiring workspaces. Technology continues to shape how we work.

Today’s powerful mobile devices, with ubiquitous internet access, and cloud-based applications make working anywhere, anytime totally possible. Companies must employ strategies, such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), AI, and IoT, to meet the expectations of a younger generation.

In order to effectively transform your workplace, leadership, HR, IT and Facilities need to come together and align their goals. Each of these departments view the workplace through a different lens, so when you’re able to align these visions and goals, real innovation can happen.

With more meeting rooms, such as Enclave, Coves, Open Collaboration with Digital Signage, Huddle Rooms, Hotel Cubes, and Free address Workstations even Quiet Rooms, this new open Architecture is the future environment, that include extensive network connectivity. Axiom has been involved in many upgrades alongside of architects, engineers and furniture vendors, all working together to meet these needs.

Workplace Transformation of the near future will engage the IT Department early on to make sure the technology and connectivity all run like clockwork.