Design Assist

Design-assist is a relatively new and evolving project delivery method in construction. It is part of what appears to be a growing trend toward a collaboration between the architect, construction manager with a specialty trade in the technology field on the owners behalf. Regardless if new construction or renovation, when engaging an RCDD as the Design-Assist early in the project the benefit to your technology can be a greater value.

Design-assist is an evolving delivery philosophy that can be implemented in various ways and is not rigidly defined. Many times, the owner can enter into separate contract with the specialty contractors.

Technology can be overlooked or it’s an afterthought that the owner becomes aware of during the final phase of a project. RCDD’s are vendor neutral and forward thinking of all technology that may become critical for final deployment. Items beyond the traditional Category 6 cable for a computer network or wireless AP’s.

Additional items that are now part of the network such as IP cameras, IP card access, IP turnstiles, critical alert or mass notification along with IP paging, sound masking, extensive conference room technology’s, IP lighting, IP window shades, intelligent rooms that sense occupancy, room scheduling, all ride on the IT infrastructure, are all are becoming a valued tool customer are looking for. Computer rooms, or IDF’s without the forethought of an RCDD as the Design Assist, capacity can outgrow themselves before your first employee sets in their new desk.


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