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Axiom Solutions offers both single mode and multi mode fiber optic cabling to meet your connectivity needs now and well into the future. We utilize the speed and scope of fiber in LANs and WANs for a wide range of clients, including campus-type environments (schools, universities, hospitals) and other multiple building locations. Our certified installers have the knowledge, training, experience and attention to detail required to create high quality fiber optic networks that take full advantage of the current and future capabilities of fiber.

axiom’s fiber optic capabilities
Axiom offers:
Needs Assessment
Design Assistance
Directional Boring
Trenching and Underground Installation
Aerial and Overhead Installation
Precision Splicing
Reliable Management and Implementation
Complete Testing and Verification

fire containment
All Axiom penetrations through fire rated substrates are firestopped using the most advanced firestop methods available today. When it comes to safety, Axiom is fully committed to meeting and exceeding recognized standards.
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Fiber vs. copper
Optical fiber offers many advantages over copper wiring. These include:
Extensive headroom
High speed over greater distances
Small and lightweight
No shielding requirements
Estimated life span of 35 years

While copper UTP cable continues to play an important role in building affordable, effective networks, optical fiber has emerged as an ideal material for connecting two or more buildings in a WAN environment, or as a high powered backbone to your copper based LAN. As experts in both fiber and copper networks, Axiom can provide a full range of networking services integrating fiber and copper to build the most cost effective solution for your needs.

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Turn to the experts at Axiom Solutions for all of your Fiber Optic Cabling needs.
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Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable
Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cable, including 10 gig Aqua Fiber Optic Cable
Needs Assessment
Design Assistance
Directional Boring
Trenching and Underground Installation
Aerial and Overhead Installation
Precision Splicing
Complete Testing and Verification
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