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More than any other cable material, fiber optic cable requires precision installation for optimum performance.

cleaning and handling
Fiber optic cabling must be installed in a clean, well organized environment. Small scraps of glass cleaved off the ends of the fibers being terminated or spliced can pose a hazard to installers and building occupants, and must be disposed of properly by the installer.

Contamination by dirt is a also a major concern for installers. The technology has become so advanced that airborne particles are roughly the size of the fiber’s core. When dirt particles contaminate fiber ends, they absorb a great deal of light and are the biggest cause of scratches on polished connectors, causing loss of fiber performance.

Axiom installers maintain clean, neat work environments to ensure their safety and the safety of building occupants. This attention to detail also ensures that all Axiom installations realize fiber’s full potential.

There are many ways to terminate fiber optic cables, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Axiom’s preferred method of termination is the 3M Hot Melt system, based on the standard heat cured method, one of the most reliable ways of attaching fiber to a connector.

3M’s Hot Melt system uses a heat sensitive epoxy which is preloaded into the connector at the factory, eliminating the need for mixing epoxies or injection needles. The epoxy is liquidized by the heat of a small “oven” and after the fiber is threaded through the connector, the epoxy re-hardens as it cools. After cooling, the fiber is scribed and polished to completion.

Axiom has invested in the equipment and training needed to perform efficient and effective hot melt terminations for the best long term installation of your fiber investment.

In addition to the 3M Hot Melt method, Axiom has the training and equipment necessary to utilize alternate termination methods including anaerobic connectors and mechanical crimping.

Turn to the experts at Axiom Solutions for all of your Fiber Optic Cabling needs.
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